Who We Are?

“Krishi Shwapno” is Bangladesh’s first blockchain technology based Agro-tech company. We are Working with small and marginal farmers in Bangladesh to ensure fair price and development Agriculture for a sustainable Agribusiness.

Empowering Agriculture

Krishi Shwapno’s technology based Agriculture supply chain is a one stop solution platform for Agri-Ecosystem. We are ensuring food security and safety with food traceability.

Our Services


Our platform creates microentrepreneur among the farmers. Our network farmers are the key beneficiary for all of our activities

Value added Products

We make various daily need & authentic value added products from agricultural commodities. Ensuring the proper use of the agriculture yields


Ensuring food traceability with proper hygiene, providing community based Agricultural services for bulk, wholesale & individual consumers. 

Supply Chain

We work with Agriculture entities to serve quality Agricultural inputs and ensuring efficient supply chain among our farming community.

Real Time Monitoring

Pre harvest to post harvest real time monitoring to adopt good agricultural practices among the farming community.


Proper management guideline towards microentrepreneurs with direct market linkage to ensure fair and better price.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking the barriers with zero interest based  short working capital facilities among our network’s farmers.

“Krishi Shwapno” is a helping hand towards the betterment of farmers, we also help to accelerate the rural development  services and women empowerment, who are contributing in farming sectors.

Safe food for Everyone

We are ensuring safe food for all within a competitive price from our “Krishi Shwapno” outlets,

“Krishi Shwapno Feriwala” is an area based smart food cart supported by interactive mobile applications to ease the buying process for everyone.

Happy Customers & Buyers

It’s a great experience. Their process is very welcoming and charming. Amazing   product and service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great interactions.

 Phenomenal experience. Top notch products, atmosphere, and staff. Have been here multiple times, and every time is an amazing experience all around. I always give my recommendations here, as the service is always superb. Definitely a lifetime customer!

Do yourself a favor and visit this lovely place. The service & pricing is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. The  products are absolutely amazing – everything we bought are of supreme quality. Absolutely the best place we had while buying daily needs. Highly recommend!

On Site Facilities

Quality Prodcuts

All produce checks by our quality control team because we believe in the best.

Doorstep Delivery

Our fastest logistics deliver all fresh produce on customer place.

Tech @ Your Service

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Get In Touch or Visit US Anytime 

You are always welcome to visit us. We need all the support that our honorable customers, farmers and all others. Happy Life!!  

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