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Bangladesh’s First Tech & Circular Economy based Data-Driven Integrated Agri Supply Chain Platform.

We’re adding value in the Agri Supply Chain and Climate Resilience Regenerative Future Farming to create a positive impact & a sustainable scalable solution for both Agriculture & Environment that's why our slogan is “Innovation for Agriculture & Environment”

Krishi Shwapno Bangladesh’s First Technology & Circular Economy-based Data-Driven Integrated Agri Supply Chain and Agri Commodity Trading Platform ensures fair price for farmers and safe food for consumers through food traceability with reducing the post harvest losses. Also, working as an Aggregator between Farmers to Marketplaces & Logistics.

We are providing

Direct Market Linkage

Tech Enable Data Driven Integrated Logistics distribution & strategic procurement support

Need & Demand based Training to Business

A pathway for the young generation (men and women) to move on Agri industry as an Agropreneur

Circular (Sharing Win-Win) Economy

Financial Literacy to access to capital & Pre to Post harvest Monitoring

Value Added Services

Climate Resilience Regenerative Agri, Farming Carbon Credits, Food traceability (Blockchain), Future Urban Farming

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Our Value Additions and Benefits

how it works

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Small marginal farmers network

farmers are connecting by our area based agent through our digital dashboard system


booked the marketplaces

by the help of our agents farmers can book the marketplaces digitally


Area based logistics partners

based on real-time notification our area based logistics parents collect the farmers produce.


Serve to traders & marketplaces

our logistics partners serve our preferred marketplaces and traders by maintaining root optimisation

“We believe if we want to make our country rich then first we should make our farmers rich”

Sayed Zubaer Hasan

Our Core Values

Mission & Vision

  • 01

    For Farmers: To ensure fair price, direct market linkage also to Grow their socio-economic conditions. To eradicate the vicious circle of poverty permanently from our country farmers.

  • 02

    For Unemployment rural area’s young people: To create employment through our platform as a micro entrepreneur. Our platform creates more jobs for educated & uneducated people.

  • 03

    For women: Our women have a large contribution to the farming sector but they don’t get any recognition. So our platform helps to create women empowerment.

  • 04

    For consumers & bulk buyers: To ensure safe food with traceability, logistics support with hygiene maintenance. Zero % post-harvest loss.

  • 05

    For Farmer’s children: We all know that farmer’s children don’t want to be farmers, so this is a threat to our future. We provide a modern facility to our farmer's community so that farmer’s children are being inspired to follow their father's work.

  • 06

    For the Environment & Climate: To enhance and deploy climate resilience regenerative future farming practices among our farming community to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • 07

    For the County's economy: To produce quality food products of world class value in order to export and earn foreign currency to enrich our economy. To grow the Agricultural field’s GDP, and to grow Bangladesh's economic condition.

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What Makes Us Special?

We want farmers to take farming as a business rather than just a means of livelihood. Main motive is to make a sustainable agribusiness for farmers and to ensure safe food for consumers. Agriculture is a bigger industry than garments. But our younger generation neglects this sector. We want that new generation to move to modern agriculture. Krishi Shwapno's other vision is to represent our agriculture sector as glamorous as the garment sector in the world. These awakenings led us to start Krishi Shwapno in 2019.

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